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Hi! We are the creative video and photo boutique from Berlin-Kreuzberg that stands for quality rather than quantity. Our scalable plug-and-play team links up with the producers and creatives who are right for the project wherever a production starts. We produce content worldwide on behalf of national and international agencies and brands. Our focus is always on turning content into experiences that go beyond clicks and sales. That’s why we specialise in branded content.

As a production company, we are efficient partners and reliable companions of agencies. As a video agency, we represent a new generation of production companies. In the production of branded content campaigns and ongoing series, we fill a skills gap for small and medium-sized companies. As an outsourced in-house video department, we can keep overhead costs low for our customers. At the same time, we ensure that strategies are thought out for the long term and correspond to the marketing goals and that content is of a high quality.
INSTANT WAVES – We make waves.


Animation has a new home. Our animation studio KIDZ ON COMPUTERS.          We bring ideas to life with our youngest brain-child and an international network of super creative artists.

From an easy-to-understand visualization of complex processes to fun characters getting emotional – Our team of enfants terribles has your needs covered! Check out the website here! 


Instant Waves is a member of the advertising section of the German producer alliance.