EY // What´s Next?!

Ernst & Young // WHAT´S NEXT ?!

DIRECTOR // Axel Lerner
DoPs // Lotta Killian, Nicolai Mehring, Tobias Koppe and others
CONCEPT // Instant Waves

The international management consultancy Ernst & Young turned to us in early 2018 to design and produce video content for their new website. The objective was to reach decision-makers and managers in the DACH region with content that offers them specific added value.
We opted for a strategy that shows EY’s experts in dialogue with senior CEOs and scientists who give an outlook on society and especially the economy of the near future. In addition to imparting expertise and experience in dealing with highly complex topics of the future, the series “What’s Next?” also puts EY’s customers in the public eye. The series will be continued throughout Germany.